Single house Design, Addtion and Renovation Wayne will play a main role of single house design, small addition and renovation design work. Please see Founder of MRLW below for more information about Wayne.

Our drafting team has more than 10 years experience in computer aided design industry. We provide both traditional Autocad drawing and B.I.M. ( Building Information Model ) services using softwares from Autocad to Revit Architecture

Our rendering team also has more than 10 years experience in building exterior and interior presentation industry.We apply the most updated rendering technique to bring our clients an amazing promotion of their products.

Each member of our drafting & rendering team has a bachelor degree in architecture science and is involved in building design and construction industry for many years. Our proficient computer aided design software operating skills, solid theoretical
and practical building design and construction knowledge, a series of highly efficient, logical ,systematic producing method can make our clients' projects achieving the highest calibre in industry.


Mr. Liu, Wayne ,

the founder of MRLW , bachelor degree in architecture science in China, starting his building design and presentation career since 1999 in China, has designed many buildings with different kinds of occupancy ( residential, commercial, office building, hospital, hotel, school etc., from lowrise to highrise, and many of them have already been established on Earth. Wayne moved to British Columbia, Canada in 2007 and started his single house design and drafting career in 2008.

After many years' local practice, Wayne is extremely familiar with local building design procedure from lot feasibility study, building permit application, construction document producing to jobsite construction work. More than 10-year's experience in building design and drafting industry brings him a great complete series of logical, scientific, systematic drafting method and many software-applying tricks that seldom known by other people.

Wayne is proficient with more than 7 softwares related to the field of building design and design presentation. His excellent computer skill, excellent aesthetic sense and excellent knowledge and experience guarantee our clients a highest quality of work achievement.




"墨染量维"建筑设计工作室创始人刘先生(Mr. Liu, Wayne),本科五年制建筑学专业毕,建筑学学士,5年中国大型甲级设计院建筑设计经验,8年大温哥华地区本地设计经验,对建筑设计有着自己独到的理解。与创始人刘先生创建公司的最初理念和刘先生对设计精益求精的追求一致,"墨染量维"注重建筑的设计与建筑个性的表达,擅长在对整体建筑性格把握的基础上的细节设计,重视建筑各部分的比例推敲与材质的对比,灵活运用各种设计方法和空间的语言来诠释建筑的内涵。刘先生多年本地的建筑设计经验能够巧妙合法的规避建筑规范的条条框框对建筑设计本身产生的束缚与制约,将竭诚为对建筑设计有更高美学与精神层次上要求的客户提供设计服务。我们致力于做业内的引领者而不是追随者。